Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Ashtar Galactic Command speaking

Recently when enjoying an after work beer with a colleague of mine, the topic of UFOs arose. Even though he hadn't done any research into the subject, he was convinced that mundane explanations i.e. weather balloons, Venus, delirium etc. sufficiently could account for the phenomena. I took it all with ease, because when it comes to these matters this is by far the most common response you'll get.

I do however find it perplexing, that the main reason for the dismissiveness almost always stems from failed expectations. ”Why don't they land on the White House lawn (and hold a Press Conference)?” is the classic question which presupposes that an otherwordly intelligence, would they find their way here, obviously would chose a suitable metropole for landing and make itself known on a global scale.

(Apparently, it all comes down to a curious question of communication.)

The problem here lies in what we take for granted. Even if another intelligence could and also wished to communicate with us, the circumstances for this to occur are seldom discussed. Perhaps we overlook our own part in this as well; after all, communication requires two active parties. 

Personally I'm very fond of the idea that communication may be proceeded only under circumstances which leaves room for doubt, thus leaving our free will intact. Needless to say, the idea of information coming through human sources, for example psychic and channeled data, indeed appeals to me. Fascinating material are to be found from mentioned sources. As long as one watchfully pay attention to what's actually being presented as well as the environment surrounding its source, it's not very difficult to defend the intellect against the all too common nonsense. 


One of my favourite cases featuring information through doubtful means is known as the Southern Television broadcast interruption. On the 26th of November, 1977, the audio signal of an English news broadcast was hijacked by someone calling himself Vrillon, a representative of the Intergalactic Federation: Ashtar Galactic Command. Only the sound was interrupted, which means that the video broadcast kept rolling as Vrillons enigmatic voice conveyd a 6-minute-message of New Age-nature.

Nevermind the gray, the guy to the right seem to be the more accurate depiction of the Messenger.

Considering that the radio waves were transmitted through air, they were also vulnerable for interception, although an advance transmitter nearby as well as a great deal of expertise must've been necessary to pull it off. Not surprisingly the incident was therefore quickly dismissed as a hoax, lacking any conceivable alternative explanation.

Up until today, a suspect has never been identified. Taking into account the considerable amount of time that has passed since this happened, it's also unlikely that we'll ever find someone accountable for this. Hence the mystery remains. 

Regardless of the true origin of the monologue, I would like to suggest that the actual content of the message is what's actually important here. Looking beyond the distracting (and creepy) circumstances, one should soon recognize that profound wisdom is being shared. 

Timeless words of love.

What greater message could one convey ...

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