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Our Friends, The Forest People

Most people have probably heard of Bigfoot – a hairy forest giant often described as a mixture of human and ape. The appearance and name vary depending on which part of the world you are in, but the legend of the big, hairy man exists on pretty much every continent. Most of us associate the phenomenon with North America, where they often are referred to as Sasquatch, but you’ve probably also heard of the Australian Yowie and the Yeti of Himalaya.

They are predominately reported in the coastal regions of North America, where there are plenty of mountainous areas and deep forest to inhabit without being disturbed by humans. Pretty much all Native American tribes recognize the Sasquatch as a real creature who has been around for at least as long as us. According to various indigenous legends the beings are extremely powerful and wise, having both immense strength and abilities that can only be described as magical. 

Their view goes quite contrary to the idea of a ‘missing link’ type of humanoid, a forefather to homo sapiens sapiens who has somehow managed to survive and elude every attempt to be documented or captured. 

However, the viewpoint of the First Nations people do resonate perfectly with a small fraction of modern day Bigfoot research, conducted by people who aren't as content to put an ad hoc-label on the hominid as the more mainstream 'experts' are. Instead they follow the evidence even though it might take them to strange and uncomfortable areas. 

My favorite paranormal topic next to UFO's has always been Bigfoot, but admittedly I've had some trouble making sense of the latter. Although there exist an abundance of evidence such as tracks, hair, video/audio recordings and literally thousands of witness testimonies, it wasn't until quite recently, last fall to be precise, that I stumbled upon information that convincingly tied it all together. But before we dive into a rabbit hole too deep, let's take a couple of minutes to establish the reality of the forest giants.

It only takes one white crow ...

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) has been collecting witness reports of hairy humanoid encounters since the mid 90's. Up until today over 2000 class A reports (clear visual contact) have been added to their database; keeping that number in mind one should remember that most encounters go unrecorded, if we optimistically assume that one fifth of all visual encounters would make it to the BFRO website we are talking about over 10 000 encounters in North America the last 100 years. That's 100 sightings a year - optimistically speaking.

It should be noted that even though every report that ends up on bfro.net only does so after a certain amount of follow up research (mainly a telephone interview with the witness, but occasionally even field work), they systematically ignore* statements not fitting the presupposed idea of an overwintered ancestor of some kind; statements that contain elements such as telepathy, telekinesis and cloaking - to name a few.

The depicted scenario is not as uncommon as one would think.

I salute the organization's initiative to collect these kinds of reports, but it's a pity they have to be selective about it, thus leaving their claim (to be) "The only scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery." [italicized by author] rather trifling.

Looking at the immense amount of reported encounters the ever so often mentioned "lonely loon"-explanation - that only drugged up cranks see these beings - completely falls apart. The topic clearly deserves some serious attention. When the sum of anecdotal data gets overwhelmingly big it's insensible to ignore it.

Naturally the next question should address further corroborative evidence, and luckily there is plenty of that. Instead of engaging in the whole fauna of vocal recordings, plaster castings, dermal ridges, wood structures, fecal matter etc. etc. let's zoom in on the gold, and with that I mean video gold.

Let's roll the tape

It was only last autumn when I came across a YouTube account called ThinkerThunker. Behind it is a video editing expert who analyzes alleged video recordings of Sasquatch, and thanks to his meticulous scrutiny a lot of details in seemingly dodgy clips surface - details that tell a story about something not so easily explained as a man in a monkey suit.

In fact he's even observed no less than two distinct anatomical traits that clearly aren't human. They show up in several completely unrelated documentations, one of them relating to body ratios, the other is about the way they walk. Take a few minutes and watch these two videos as they should be considered highly valuable pieces of evidence. The Creature in the Giant Sequoias is also recommended watching.

Still from the Creature in the Giant Sequoias-footage, perhaps the most intriguing footage ever recorded next to the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Before we move on a few words on the (in)famous Patterson-Gimlin film are in order. The video that was shot in 1967 is still considered to be the best footage ever of a Sasquatch in the flesh. Although various notable experts in fields like bio mechanics, anthropology, primatology and costume design are reluctant to call it a Bigfoot, a majority of them don't want to call it a human either.

When looking at the arguments from both sides of the real vs. hoaxed discussion, it quickly becomes clear that the pro-hoax camp rely heavily on indirect points concerning the people involved rather than the film per se. The conclusion that we are seeing a man in a gorilla suit, holds up poorly to any serious investigation.

Seeing as it was filmed in 67, the suit - which we have yet to see by the way - must have been a miracle to behold, with authentic looking muscle paddings, glued on hair, no seams and even with elongated arms. To top it all off the costume maker even bothered to add a pair of female breasts to the creation - really... ?

Have a look at this stabilized (b/w) version in gif-format and decide for yourself. Notice the extraordinary long arms and the extreme angle of its legs while walking.

Tunnel vision

After taking a serious look at the plethora of evidence concerning the reality of the forest creatures one has to wonder how the heck it is possible that gigantic ape like humanoids are roaming the forests without ever being captured, killed or (clearly and more often) photographed. With this in mind it's no surprise that people who haven't had any experience or done their homework dismiss the whole thing as something for the mentally ill.

Since the very beginning the field of Bigfoot research has been dominated by the idea that these creatures are some kind of missing link between the world of primates and us. It's not hard to see why this idea has established itself as the main thesis for the Sasquatch enigma: after all the creatures look like a mixture of man and ape, and having the late discovery of the mountain gorilla in mind, the ancestor scenario is close at hand. As an added bonus this approach gives the phenomenon a more legitimate shimmer in the eyes of the scientific community.

 Roger Patterson in 1967, Prof. Jeffrey Meldrum in 2010. 

Paradoxically the assumption that they are primitive ape men is a dead end. Looking back at the last 50 years of Bigfoot research not much has happened when it comes to reaching a greater understanding of the phenomenon.

Prominent (crypto-)zoologists who's been in the field for decades still haven't even seen the creature, instead they are still making plaster casts of footprints, as if we haven't enough of them already. Add the occasional hair sample sent for DNA-analysis and you have what has been constituting "serious" Sasquatch research for the last half-century.

But to where do we turn our attention if we want a more complete picture of what's going on? For starters we could begin to look at the part of the phenomenon that is being ignored.

Stealth mode

When I decided to seriously delve into the world of Sasquatchery last year I wasn't aware of the paranormal aspects that witnesses sometimes report. Because of reasons mentioned above it took some time before they popped up during my research, but as soon as they did I had to admit that they did offer an eloquent albeit fantastic answer to the mystery.

In order to find cases with a flavor of high strangeness I dug through Albert Rosales excellent and extensive webpage Humanoid Sighting Reports - a compilation of reports about otherworldly meetings with human-shaped entities. Most of the material concern UFO occupants, but once in a while the intermittent Sasquatch story can be found. Many which contain elements such as telepathy, cloaking and inter-dimensionality.

Let me describe two cases that independently of each other describe a strikingly similar scenario. The first one took place in Stanislau National Forest, California.

It was in 1993 when a wildlife biologist reported seeing a huge hairy biped. The sighting only lasted a second or two as the giant, after taking a few steps, literally 'vanished into thin air' in front of the biologist's eyes.

Seven years later, in 2000, two persons are out camping somewhere in Oregon when they all of a sudden see a 2,8 m tall, black Bigfoot walk out of a brush. Upon reaching a clearing it starts to shimmer and all of sudden 'vanishes'. In the campers own words Have you ever seen in a desert setting, off in the distance, when heat rises from the ground... the blurry, wavy lines? That is what the creature did. It started to shimmering, and became almost transparent, and totally disappeared.

Supposing there is something to this, one has to wonder, where do they go? Are they becoming invisible or do they actually enter some other realm? Having gone through many 'normal' as well as fringe reports I'm convinced that they are capable of both (I will elaborate this standpoint further down). I've found four videos that do seem to feature the cloaking effect of these beings. I took the liberty of compiling them in a playlist.

All the way in

If the stories above suggest invisibility - which by the way would explain the vast majority of all Sasquatch witness accounts where only the sound of heavy footsteps can be heard - the following sightings point towards some kind of inter-dimensional access.

1989. Once again taking place in Oregon, close to Mt. Hood, a farmer sees a shimmering object hanging in mid air. It resembles a huge water drop. He observes it for a while when all of a sudden a hairy biped jumps out of it and takes off into the woods.

The perplexing  giant 'water drop' was also present in an encounter in Sedona, Arizona the same year. A man is inspecting property in an area when he stumbles upon a situation where he beholds the same type of shimmering 'portal', around it he spots several 3 m tall Sasquatches seemingly guarding the object. Needless to say "The witness did not hang around and left the area."**

Mt. Hood, Oregon. The location of many close encounters. 

A handful of experiences that share the exact same, bizarre characteristics. Considering the obvious reluctance witnesses must feel when reporting a Bigfoot encounter, one has to wonder how often strange aspects are deliberately left out in order to be taken somewhat seriously.

Rest assured these few examples constitute a mere tip of the iceberg, there are plentiful more on the Humanoid Sightings site alone (some of them detailed in this article on Paranormalistics) and even frequently in the YouTube comments section, this is from one of the stealth vids:
Thank you for making this video.. I'm from Idaho and have witness this with my own eyes before.. I had people think I was crazy for telling them about this.. I know what I saw... and also I seen them do a rocking side to side motion..[...] 
As for encounters with ESP communication I haven't found many of them in Rosales archive. A few with only a sentence or two. Fortunately I have two books which are based upon extensive information exchange between humans and the Sasquatch people, so let us without further ado take a closer look at what they have to convey to humanity.

The Missing Link

It's the year 1964 and a trucker has taken a few weeks off to look for gems in the deep wilderness of Oregon. A few days of hiking has put him far away from civilization and he's just about to pinpoint a river he's been looking for when he stumbles upon a wounded deer. An arrow is stuck in it's flesh but the man ties the animal to a tree and removes the arrow shortly thereafter. He spends a few hours fishing before he returns to his camp located in the same area where he found the deer. It's starting to get dark when he notices a peculiar creature observing him from a distance. 
He get's confused and thinks to himself "Geez, is that an animal? It looks rather human...", after only a few moments he hears a voice in his head saying Don't be afraid, I'm not going to harm you. The Sasquatch approaches the camp and sits down on a log 5-10 meters away from him and continues I just want to rest and sit for a while. I just want to be with you for a while. The trucker soon realizes that he is having a telepathic conversation with the huge hairy biped. It turns out that the Sasquatch got curious about the camper after he'd seen him take care of the deer, until then he'd only knew of humans harming animals. The conversation continues for approximately 2 hours before the forest giant waves good bye and disappears in the woods.***
If this story was the only one of it's kind there wouldn't be much reason to take it seriously. The reality though, is that this is one of hundreds of similar cases. Kewaunee Lapseritis is a researcher who has spent a great deal of his life collecting this kind of experiences from witnesses first hand.

So far he has written two books, The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection and The Sasquatch People and their Interdimensional Connection, both filled with witness accounts and much more. He got involved with the Sasquatch phenomenon when one of them contacted him through telepathy during a visit at a Native American reservation in 1973.

Kewaunee Lapseritis, the author of the two books is one of few researchers who's had the guts and integrity to follow the trail of evidence even though it leads to uncomfortable territory.

He and several others have been in contact with the Sasquatch people on and off for decades now, and the story that has emerged is of a most extraordinary sort. To this date over 300 people from all walks of life, including lawyers, professors and physicists, have been in touch with Lapseritis. This is what has unfolded so far****:

The forest giants, or Sasquatch as they prefer to be called, have been roaming the Earth for millions of years. They inhabit most continents and just like us they vary in appearance, allegedly there are at least 7 different kinds of them. Even though they may have animal like traits they are highly intelligent human beings, in fact they are considerably more evolved than us. With their powerful psychic abilities they can communicate via their minds, astral project, teleport and much more. 
They frequent other realms or dimensions through certain portals, but how it works, why they are doing it and to what extent they're reluctant to tell us. As is the case with us humans, extraterrestrial entities have been in close contact with them since a long time; with the difference being a closer, wider and more open camaraderie.  
The Sasquatch people are deeply spiritual. This means that they respect all living things and that they are loving and peaceful to each other. Having observed humankind's destructive and self-loathing attitude for a long time now they tend to avoid us. Using their psychic skills they can easily avert any interaction with a human in the wilderness. Nonetheless they occasionally reach out to individuals with a developed spiritual awareness/an open and fearless heart.  
It may be that we are arrogant, self absorbed and ruthless in our ways, but the Sasquatch still care for us and they very much care for this planet which we have neglected in our pursuit for wealth. This is why they have increasingly been contacting us the last few decades, to let us know that our ways need to change. 

Many years ago when Lapseritis asked one of them if they were the missing link, he got the following reply No, you people are the missing link. You don't know where you've come from or where you're  going!. Considering: the raging wars we fight against each other, the serious environmental devastation caused by over-fishing and factory farms, the rampant destruction of our forests and rain forests, our society's overall goal being material riches ... I'm inclined to concur.
If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. -Chief Seattle

Coincidents and conversion

In the channeled Law of One-material, mentioned in greater detail in a previous blog post, there are a few passages concerning Bigfoot. One of them in particular got me thinking when I a few weeks later scanned through Humanoid Sighting Reports and unearthed a most bizarre encounter, seemingly closely related to the passage. Both pieces of information have to do with a nuclear event and fit together like hand in glove. Here's the Law of One bit:
9.18 Questioner: Is there any particular race of people on our planet now who were incarnated here from second density?

Ra: I am Ra. There are no second-density consciousness complexes here on your sphere at this time. However, there are two races which use the second-density form. One is the entities of the planetary sphere you call Maldek. These entities are working their understanding complexes through a series of what you would call karmic restitutions. They dwell within your deeper underground passageways and are known to you as “Bigfoot.”
The other race is that being offered a dwelling in this density by guardians who wish to give the mind/body/spirit complexes of those who are of this density at this time appropriately engineered physical vehicles, as you would call these chemical complexes, in the event that there is what you call nuclear war. [my bold]
The encounter from Humanoid Encounters:
Location. Kountze, Texas
Date: October 1999 Time: night
The witness was driving through the town of Kountze after a night in Sour Lake and was returning to his then-residence some 15 miles further on, when his ears "almost burst" when a deafening sound not unlike a swarm of bees filled the interior of the car, and "made my ears pop like when you're on an airplane". Disoriented and suddenly dizzy, he stopped the car at the side of the road, got out, and was amazed to suddenly see a laser-like, pencil-thin shaft of red light appear about 10 to 15 feet in front of his car. Quick as a flash, the light disappeared, as did the strange buzzing noise that had so affected him. Not only that: he suddenly heard a diabolical roar coming from the woods of the Big Thicket, that sounded like that of a large, enraged wild animal---but a type that the witness had never before encountered. He quickly jumped back into his car and fled the scene. But the story was far from over. After retiring to his bed that night, the witness had a distinctly strange dream of a truly apocalyptic nature, in which the Earth was in ruins following a planetary-wide nuclear exchange, and large, Bigfoot style entities surfaced out of the dark forests and woods to claim the Earth as their own. And all the while, strange UFOs (like giant jelly-fish) soared overhead, as the last remnants of the human race attempted to stave off extinction. 
The message from the so called Sasquatch whisperers more often than not relates to the dream in the sense that our technological advancement has superseded our spiritual side to a point where most of us doesn't even recognize the latter's existence. Therein lies a great risk. In order to counter the negative way of modern civilization a greater awareness of ourselves, the planet and the cosmos is necessary.

The curious dream reminds me of a UFO-photo taken in Denmark in 1975.

My feeling is that in the last decade or so, the giants have deliberately been letting themselves get documented on film more frequently, the reason being the turbulent times we are living in. How does this make sense? Well, if we for once would listen to what the First Nations people have to say, the conclusion is a most reasonable one to make. We must acknowledge that we are the cause but at the same time the solution.

As is the case with other paranormal phenomenon such as crop circles, UFO's and channeling - expressions by intelligences of a more evolved kind - the Bigfoot phenomenon tend to leave evidence that many times are impressive but always leaves room for doubt (except for the experiencer of course).

Having in mind the hollowness of a forced stance, this way of information exchange do seem highly equitable. The next step into the future have to be made solely by us - the decision must be our own.

But do we have the courage to base our next move on faith, or shall we forever be chained to the false comfort of 'knowing'? Ultimately a choice has to be made, let's hope it's the one of lesser limitations.


If you would tell a prominent person a 100 years ago that dolphins have a built in sonar that they use as their primary tool for navigation, communication etc., that person would likely have a hard time just grasping the idea of a sonar.

Yet, that person, and every single person on this earth today have a mind, they are conscious. Ironically we haven't even begun figuring out the nature of consciousness, we don't even know if it's possible in any meaningful, scientific way.

Gaining a greater understanding of the Sasquatch phenomenon has been one of my life long wishes. For many years it was archived in the back of my mind as something on par with Nessie and Thunderbirds.

Then, 10 years ago, the Law of One material made an entrance into my life and with that a more serious interest was ignited. Only recently did I actually start to pay some attention to this particular topic, likely not earlier because of an incompatible personal development stage.

It was with great joy that I realized that our friends, the forest people, are not only highly spiritual, but that they share the exact same view of the cosmos and its inhabitants as the one presented in the Law of One. Thus it all comes full circle.

Separation is an illusion, we are all (manifestations of) One intelligent infinity, One eternal affection.

Let's party.


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i4hONQLphM Wes Germer