Montag, 30. Mai 2022

Unriddling the Moon Rabbit



Perhaps you heard about Chinas lunar rover taking a picture of a geometric structure on the far side of the Moon [LINK]. It happened a couple of months ago and as the story goes they were eager to get their rover to the apparent anomaly as soon as possible, which according to them would mean no less than 3 months. 


The original image taken by the lunar rover Yutu 2.

Considering the fact that the rover moves at 0.2 km/h, and that the farthest distance on the Moons horizon is 2.46 km, then, even if it was traveling at half speed, and is as far away from the object as possible, it still would reach it in about 24 hours. 

When one also takes into account, that the resolution of the image could be likened to that of a webcam from the early 2000's it becomes apparent, that a blatant ruse of some kind was in the making.

One month (!) later, the Chinese space agency tells the world that they already reached the target (with no mention as to how fast they got there), and that it was merely an optical illusion, caused by... a rabbit shaped rock. [LINK]

In Chinese culture they imagine they see a rabbit in the moon instead of a human face as we do in the west. There's a Chinese proverb that goes "The Rabbit is the most wronged one.", and the word for injustice contains the character used for rabbit...

... so the question we should ask ourselves is, who's being wronged by whom?

Make what you want of this; but if you ask me it's beyond laughable. The rock is not even close to scale, and the resemblance to a rabbit is questionable at best. So what to make of all this? 

To make sense of this story a broader context is needed. Let's start with the supposition that the first picture, the blurry one, is in fact a genuine, albeit deliberately skewed, image of an artificial structure.

Assuming there's a bunch of those things up there* it should be safe to say that the US have had knowledge about their existence since at least the 70's when they started to send satellites with mapping technology there. This would also mean that the government has been part of a half-century old cover-up to hide this truth from the public; a truth that would most certainly cause some serious ruckus. 

"In 2004, a researcher named J.P. Skipper made some astonishing findings when scrutinizing the pictures taken during the US military (BMDO) project called Clementine. The picture above is just one of several in which one clearly can see tall objects blurred out." (read more here)

I would argue that China's intention with this stunt, was to give the US a three month dead line to give in to some demand; or else the cover up would be exposed. A few weeks later a compromise was reached, a random bs-photo was given to the public and the whole story was quickly forgotten.

Obviously governments negotiate and cut deals with each other all the time. And even if it's a loosely defined term, the "Deep State" - mainly consisting of intelligence agencies and financial & industrial power houses, who influence world affairs without the general public's direct knowledge - certainly exist, not only in America. 

In fact, I would be willing to bet that the great majority of geopolitical events, as they are being portrayed in mainstream media, in reality (also) happen for reasons undisclosed to the masses, by forces behind the curtains. 

The western media didn't pick it up much, but the fact of the matter is that Putin recently made a statement addressing an elusive western elite, with far reaching and ruthless influence.


To many this might seem like the ramblings of a mad man, but the fact of the matter is that he might as well be describing the doings of the wealthiest families in the States, just as Ferdinand Lundberg, Professor in social philosophy, lays it out in the meticulously well-researched The Rich and the Super Rich from 1968. 

With the help of an endless array of official documentation this 800 page epos makes the convincing case that those with the real power are in fact not individuals posing as philanthropists or politicians, but instead the unfathomably rich families which through (inherited) stakes and bonds control all the industries on a permanent basis - and thus also the political and judicial systems, which they in many instances have directly shaped. 


Professor Lundberg might not mention anything about exotic space crafts in his book, but he has a whole chapter on the Mellon's. A banker family who has been in the upper wealth-and-power echelon for well over a decade now. Now one member of this family, namely Christopher Mellon, did show up on CNN a couple of years ago, as front man for To The Stars Academy (sponsored by billionaire Robert Bigelow), talking about UFO's as a 'security threat'.

Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and member of the Mellon family dynasty.

I wrote a piece (called The Sudden UFO Threat) on the media circus surrounding the UFO topic that suddenly surged between 2017 to mid 2021. Surely the purpose of the story (which recently came back on a lukewarm drowsy wave) was many fold: buffing up the defense budget and serving as a curious distraction from other events, to name a couple.

However the point can be convincingly made, that it indeed was a demonstration of top secret, highly advanced technology**, ready to be used if necessary, maybe in an attempt to steer China away from abandoning the dollar as world currency? We all know what happened to others (see: Libya) who tried the same thing.


I) The video shows a UFO flying over Kyiv about a week after the conflict between Ukraine and Russia started. II) The picture is a still from the infamous Tictac-UFO video shot by the marines. It does have some resemblance to the object in the video.

Just as the Chinese Lunar rover incident made little to no sense; the New York Times shining the spotlight on a b/w flying tictac video (bear in mind the NYT categorically ridiculed UFO's throughout its existence up until 2017), clearly was about something hidden to the public eye.

That we are dealing with a deep state covert cold war is certain. The notion that other worldly technology might be involved - at the very least - deserves consideration.


*That there exist many of them on our Moon's surface should be considered more likely than not to anyone who has looked into the matter thoroughly - I have written extensively about it in a previous post called Moonolith.

**In a diary entry from 1985, President Ronald Reagan wrote:

"[...]Lunch was with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such we could orbit 300 people.[...]" [LINK]

Officially humankind didn't have anything even remotely close to that kind of technology in the 80's, nevermind today. For more thoughts and testimonies on hyper exotic tech of the hidden kind check out my post The Implications of the UFO Phenomenon (II)