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The implications of the UFO-phenomenon (I)

One of my greatest reading experiences last year was Richard Dolan's UFO’s for the 21st Century Mind. The book works as a historical summary of the whole phenomenon: from ancient astronauts to the most popular clips on YouTube, and absolutely everything in between. It's easy to see that a great deal of solid research went into this publication and even if I consider myself fairly well versed when it comes to the history of UFOs, the accessible language and pleasant layout made it a joy to acquaint and re-acquaint myself with all the people, cases and events that constitute the vibrant world of this particular topic.

Instead of writing a mere review of it I would like to address two key questions that Dolan touches upon, both of which I find important, intriguing and highly relevant to us, particularly in these times. In this post (part I) I will try my best to convey what I think is the single most important notion that the UFO-phenomenon entails; one that should always be with us but is too often forgotten.


The total amount of witness reports concerning unidentified aerial phenomena throughout our history is immense. Every year over 10 000 observations are being documented through various organizations in North America alone*. Of course most of them are miss-identifications of man-made or natural objects; but that small percentage of bizarre and mystifying experiences reported by both civilian and governmental/military channels never ceases to exist.

Reports describing intelligently maneuvered crafts slicing through the sky in zickzack patterns, doing thousands of km/h, pulsating in glorious colors without making a sound - often times affecting electronic equipment, moving in and out of water with ease, containing passengers not entirely human looking. What are we suppose to make of reports of this kind?

Perhaps not too much. It's enough to apply basic rational thinking in order to realize that we are dealing with something absolutely real here, the sheer amount of credible sightings speaks for itself. Taking into account other kinds of documentation like physical traces, radar readings and a wealth of photos and videos, there can be little room for doubt that these intelligent units, in some sense, also share our immediate reality.

James Nichols interpretation of a UFO-incident in Puerto Rico 1988. Many witnesses continued to observe how the craft split up in two triangular parts which disappeared with tremendous speed.

Yet, everyone, skeptics and believers alike, can't let go of the vacuous idea that something tangible and reproducible is necessary in order to completely convince; as if a piece of film, body tissue or an exotic rod would possibly make any difference. Not to mention the extent of foul play that's been associated with our approach to the phenomenon from the very get-go. On behalf of the visitors, let's not forget the obvious reluctance to provide us with such as well.


Mystery is the common denominator. The essence of the play.

Seeing as the source(s) behind it seem(-s) to be far more sophisticated than us; it's completely uncertain if it's even within our grasp to solve the riddle. Evidently the scientific method has it's limitations, but it's enough to look at dreams, emotions and experiences to establish that. However, we can't blame ourselves as easily when scrutinizing the full width of the UFO mystery and its doings.

With the acceptance of the latter we have to recognize our own restrictions, admit our minds defeat against a World of uncertainty and wonder.


*s. 356, Dolan, Richard, UFO's for the 21st Century Mind, Richard Dolan Press 2014
2:nd painting by Mario Martinez

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